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​Proposal for partnership

Unlike so-called consultants and franchises, Food Play Partners proposes a partnership relationship that gives top priority to the freedom of management of managers (including staff) who have cooking skills.

Based on the Nakameguro Five Star Cafe five-star chicken rice owned by the Golden Dining Group, I will entrust you with content that has actually achieved results and highly accurate recipes. It is the knowledge, experience and property that I have accumulated over a long period of time.

The recipe is the culmination of my experiences and successes over the past 25 years of traveling to Asian countries many times, learning about the local culture, memorizing the flavors, and sometimes even going into restaurant kitchens to learn how to make it. It's the real stuff.

On the other hand, we would like our partners to focus on store management, focusing on stable product offerings, customer service, and staff guidance. In other words, it is a complete division of labor as a partner. And in order to make the most of this content in customer service, I would like you to be interested in the background of the products we offer. I don't care about books or internet searches, so please wear knowledge. That knowledge leads to the best customer service that can respond to customer interests. As a result, it leads to great profits for partners. Of course, we will also prepare a basic customer service manual.


Trust my 30+ years of knowledge and track record of success.

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