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We have rebuilt the brand around the killer content of Golden Dining.
Menus, recipes, operations, designs, etc. are packaged.
All of them are unique and fit in with the town where they are opened. We have minimized the purchase and cooking process.


Vietnamese daily food to Japanese daily food! is a concept Vietnamese cafe. We offer authentic Vietnamese cuisine with recipes that we have seen, eaten and learned in Vietnam. Herbs are the lifeblood of Vietnamese cuisine, so leave it to us!


It is a Chinese noodle bar based on Tainan cuisine. We offer boneless noodles, boiled dumplings, etc. We propose a style of using noodles with one item and alcohol, and closing. The stall-like space is stylish and modern.


A restaurant specializing in spicy craft curry. Craft curry that does not use wheat flour is filled with luxurious ingredients. The rich taste is black curry from Five Star Cafe.


​ A Chinese lounge based on the concept of siomai, which makes you feel the finest Chinese recipes from time immemorial. The atmosphere of old China is created, and the modern interior that expresses miscellaneous things enhances the taste of the dishes. ​


​This restaurant specializes in prawn and crab dishes using angel prawns from New Caledonia, soft shell shrimp that can be eaten with the shell, vannamei prawns, and soft shell crabs. We offer Asian and European fusion cuisine.

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An authentic Singaporean restaurant that serves Singaporean specialties such as Hainanese chicken rice, bak kut teh (meat bone tea), and laksa. It is well known and highly recommended. Many customers enjoy the dishes that are familiar to Japanese people.


​A restaurant specializing in pork dishes where you can enjoy the deliciousness of Sangen pork fat. The high-quality pork fat is sweet and not persistent, and it strongly appeals to fatty rubber. The secret technique to make it soft is the decisive factor.


This is an Asian cafe that offers dishes from various Asian countries, including Thailand and Vietnam. We have casually brushed up the content that has continued for 20 years in the back alleys of Shibuya. The recipe is the same as the local taste.


​ This is a business style that offers Japanese Kuroge Wagyu beef, meat such as black pork and Oyama chicken, as well as seafood such as oysters and scallops, in a “Japanese kabayaki” style that is different from yakiniku. We also offer a wide selection of appetizers and sake in small bowls.




​ Casual bistro serving garlic-infused fusion dishes. With the knowledge and experience that we have gained from developing various business formats, we use various ingredients, seasonings, herbs, and cooking methods to please our customers.


​A tonjiru kappo restaurant with pork as its main product. For lunch, we offer food demand such as pork soup and pork soup udon, and from the afternoon to dinner we offer neo-kappo cuisine that incorporates Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine. Recommended for stores with an area of 15 tsubo or less.


​A restaurant where you can enjoy stylish and detoxifying handicraft flower tea and casual, reasonably priced authentic Hong Kong cuisine. We recommend the carnation craft flower tea, the Hong Kong specialty shrimp wonton noodles, and the fragrant fried soft shell crab.


​ Nakameguro BBR Apartment is a business that features the popular beef stroganoff. In order to embody the desire to "always have beef in every spoon", we put as much soft beef as possible.




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