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​operation diagnostics

 We will conduct a health check for existing stores. If you are in business for a long time, the number of menus will increase before you know it, and the operation will become too complicated, which tends to put a burden on the staff. In addition, the loss of food waste will increase, pushing up the cost rate. ThereforeReview existing menus and propose additional menus (up to 3 items)boardTo do. Advisor contract after diagnosis is optional.

​consultant contract

It is a so-called advisory contract that undertakes regular checkups for the entire store. When you work in the store every day, you tend to lose sight of the small changes. Therefore, it is very important for a third party to visit the store regularly and check the service, food, interior, facade, etc. before suffering a serious illness. You can also consult us for regular menu and recipe updates. We are always available for consultation by phone, email, web phone, etc.

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