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​Serving you with authentic Singaporean cuisine.


Singapore is the center of Asia where East and West cultures meet and food from all over the world gathers. The local food of people living in the most advanced countries in Asia is influenced by Asian cuisine such as Chinese cuisine, Indian cuisine, and Malay cuisine. In addition to local food, we have prepared Asian cuisine from various countries, which is popular in Singapore's food court, which continues to evolve while absorbing other cultures, in a casual style. Please enjoy the handmade dishes to your heart's content, accompanied by a variety of drinks, including the Singapore Sling made with the original recipe of Honke Raffles Hotel, and comfortable background music.




Southsea chicken with rice

Chicken is boiled until moist, and rice is cooked in the soup.hmmMothPaul's chicken rice.Enjoy it with 3 kinds of sauces: soy sauce, ginger, and chili.


​meat bone tea


Spare ribs with homemade Chinese medicineIt is a stewed medicinal soup. ShinGapore's​Manual workers from morningIt all started when I ate it to build up my stamina.


Kato Sosa

Katong Laksa

A soup noodle that originated in the Katong region of Singapore. ​ Made with coconut and sambal sauce.
It uses rice flour noodles and is low calorie.

fll (9).JPG

chicken rice

claypot rice

dlo (1).jpg

Stir-fried Hokkien noodles

Hokkien Mee

​Chicken with Taiwanese intestines and dried shiitake mushrooms
Hawker's specialty rice pot rice with ingredients.
Recently, there are fewer local shops that offer
It's been a long time since I've been in the middle of a long time, so please come by our store!

​ seafood with both rice noodles and Chinese noodles
Gomoku Yakisoba. Soup to finish
Because it is lightly simmered, the taste of the ingredients is strong.
It comes out and has a luxurious taste

シクロ 007.jpg

Paper-wrapped chicken


Flower-shaped roasted pork skewers

paper chicken

Singapore satay

​Five Star Cafe in Japan for the first time
This is the fried chicken that I introduced. Actually this
Cuisine, not a Singaporean specialty, but a real
It's a specialty of Hillman Restaurant.

​In the evening, the skyscrapers line the off
Tables and chairs were put out in the city,
Lots of people with beer in hand and sweet peas
Enjoy satay topped with nut sauce.



tiger brand beer  

tiger draft beer

The only domestic beer in Singapore, Tiger Beer draft beer, was served to customers for the first time in Japan by Five Star Cafe. The reason for its popularity is its hoppy, refreshing taste that sets it apart from beers from other Asian countries.


new addition commander

singapore sling

​One of the famous cocktails, the Singapore Sling, was born in the Long Bar inside Raffles, one of Singapore's oldest hotels. At Five Star Cafe, of course, we offer it with the original recipe of Long Bar.


​Chinese craft flower tea

​It is a beautiful tea that blooms in the glass. jazzmin teaBased on ​, various flowers are combinedLetI have. Moreover, each craft tea has itEach ​ has its own efficacy.

craft flower tea

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