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​About Very Good Company

For more than 20 years, Golden Dining Co., Ltd. (Click here for main content).is the CEO of the groupIVery Good Company, which was newly launched byWe are your partner who will take over all the know-how such as recipes, services, designs, etc., and help you to become independent, change the business format, build a second brand, develop content, etc.

In addition to providing solid support until the opening of the business, we also provide remote and speedy services after the opening. It is a package that offers a cheap membership fee and monthly license fee that you can consult immediately if you have any concerns. Of course, we also offer a number of the strongest options separately, so please do not worry. We give top priority to the degree of freedom in management, and we do not set restrictions on suppliers of kitchen equipment, tableware, ingredients, etc., so you can make profits with your own sense of management.

The Golden Dining Group was founded in 1999 with a store of only 20 tsubo in a back alley near the Tokyu Main Store in Shibuya. We have established a sound management method by focusing on service and recipe construction, suppressing initial investment, and reducing unnecessary expenses such as advertising expenses by transmitting topics to the media.

 Starting with Nakameguro Five Star Cafe, Shibuya Golden Burning, which was the pioneer of ethnic restaurants, Roppongi Cafe Singapura, Pakchi Bar, which caused a coriander boom in Japan from Shibuya, Nakameguro BB R Apartment, a spare rib specialty store, etc. All of them have earned high scores on gourmet sites such as Tabelog,It has attracted attention and has been featured on various websites as well as mass media such as TV and magazines. In addition, there were many requests to open stores from major urban developers such as Mori Real Estate, Tokyu Development, Mitsubishi Estate, PARCO, etc., and their business development capabilities, communication capabilities, and completeness of content were famous in the commercial world.


And I, Kazuaki Kubota, the current president of Very Good Company, founded the Golden Dining Group.

According to statistics, it is said that 80% of newly opened restaurants go out of business within two years. The next year, it will reach 90%. In fact, entry into the restaurant industry (independent) is a high-risk industry that requires a large amount of funds at the time of opening. What's more, 90% of those who were full of expectations, raised funds to start a business, and realized their dream (independence) unfortunately had to withdraw from the market, leaving only a large amount of debt without being supported by consumers. is the reality. In other words, entering the restaurant industry is gambling itself.

For example, everyone has high expectations when sitting at a pachinko machine. However, the result is that only a handful win, and many others leave the store empty with their wallets. The same is true for the food and beverage business. Only a handful remain, and many others must relinquish the pachinko machine seats of the store to the next expectant customer. And the next customer will also follow the same path with the same probability.


However, what would happen if you knew in advance which machine you would hit when you entered the pachinko parlor?


In order for you to become one of the 10% of successful managers,I will entrust you with content that has a proven track record based on the Nakameguro Five Star Cafe that I own, highly accurate recipes, and a basic customer service manual. Of course, the recipes and the customer service manual are assets that are the culmination of my experience and success, and the package is the real deal.


I will help those who aim to develop the restaurant business as a business, not gambling.

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