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after corona

Finally, the restrictions due to corona are gone, and consumers are returning to restaurants. Under such circumstances, we often hear from business owners that they are 60 to 70% of what they were before COVID-19. So how long will it take to get back to pre-corona times? Half a year or a year? In conclusion, no matter how long I wait, I will not return. Because it's not a problem that time will solve.This time, many consumers have been forced to change their life patterns due to corona restrictions. Moreover, the period was long, and many people acquired new life patterns. In other words, it means that the consumption route of consumers, which was once blocked, has been compactly arranged and slimmed down. Many restaurants have been restructuring to 30 to 40% of consumers before corona. So what is the reason? Did they get tired of the product, or was it unsuccessful in the first place? Didn't the service lead to repeaters? In any case, what is in front of us is the fact that we have been excluded from the habit of consuming.Managers, rather that's why now is the chance to review the management!It should be considered that the consumption behavior from now on has entered the next phase. In order for consumers to go out of their way to go to stores, more product appeal and services than ever before are required. Why don't you review your company's products and services and take on new challenges to meet 60-70% of your supporters while supplementing the new 30-40%, no, 50-60%?

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