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​Look for bad places

​ When restaurants are open for a long time, you don't notice changes in the store like a brain training aha experience. It is not only hard parts such as chairs and tables, but also accumulated dirt and odors, and it extends to the service of the staff. For the staff and some regular customers, the changeIt's hard to see because it's in the flow, but customers who see it for the first time have an impression of "Oh, this is the kind of store."And it is often the impression of a degraded situation. So how can we spot the problem early and fix it? Of course, even if you ask a close regular customer, you won't get an answer.

It has been more than 20 years since I changed from an employee's perspective to a manager's perspective. During that time, I have used thousands of restaurants and have been observing the details of those stores all my life. And I have been giving feedback on the parts to be incorporated into the stores I manage and the parts to be improved. In a sense, I think it was possible because I devoted myself to management and did not put myself in the flow of aha images.

Leave it to me, I will look for the bad parts of your store from the perspective of many years of management.

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