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​Importance of business selection

I worked in an Italian restaurant for about 10 years, and when I decided to go independent, after careful consideration, I chose an ethnic business style before the boom. It's a contrarian of the business. At that time, the economic bubble had burst and the so-called ita-meshi boom had come to an end, but the city was still overflowing with Italian restaurants. At that time, managers who were good at grasping the situation, chose to change the business format and maintained management, and managers who could not respond left the restaurant industry. After that, motsunabe, Genghis Khan, kakuuchi, neo-popular bars, and many other booms came and went. After the boom, only the starters and long-established companies remained. In other words, the business style as one category is Owakon when it becomes popular.

In the first place, a boom is a phenomenon in which consumers overeat the category. In other words, we are in the middle of a bubble. Jumping in there as a latecomer is nothing but to bear a great risk. This is because it is to compete for the pie of "fluid consumers" chasing the boom in a short period of time. It is easy to imagine that once the boom is over and its liquid consumers have left the market, only the original number of pies will remain. After that, I strategically opened an ethnic restaurant that has been in business for about 20 years, even after the ethnic boom ended. The reason is that it was the first store to be recognized during the boom.


A Singaporean restaurant called Five Star Cafe was also a store that drove the petit boom. Shortly after our store opened in Nakameguro, major companies such as the Tokyu Group entered the market, but they quickly disappeared. I think that the Tokyu Group probably used food coordinators to create simple menus and recipes. I went to eat once, but I had the impression that the menu structure and method of serving were quite plagiarized. Of course the taste is quite similar but different (cannot match my experience). At that time, Singaporean cuisine was not well known in Japan, and many people who actually tasted Singaporean cuisine and liked it would go out of their way to visit us. In other words, there weren't many pies to begin with. However, now the number of restaurants serving Hainanese chicken rice has increased significantly, and it has been recognized by many people. We take pride in the fact that Five Star Cafe has patiently continued to carefully create Singaporean cuisine that many people did not know about.

I ended up queuing up at the Five Star Cafe for the leftover pies after the Petit Boom, but I didn't do anything special. It's just that the sane market principle worked. It became the standard of the business, and the name value remained.

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