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Various problems arise when doing business. Each time I come up with an idea for a solution, a staff member who answers "It's impossible" and "It will be a burden on the staff" and "​ Let's try it" and "Appeal to customers" Let's do it." The former are those who maintain the status quo, that is, those who are afraid to try new things and change. The latter are those who are aware of the current situation and are passionate about breaking through the deadlock. I don't know what happened to the former staff member. The latter became independent at a young age. And 20% of them will succeed. This story actually applies to owners as well.

​ People are different. The goal point of success is also each person. Only those who are determined to run farther and are able to do whatever it takes will succeed.
​ Anyway, the first step is to start. Whether you climb over the wall you hit from the front or go around the side, you can always deal with it. It is the ability to bring out the originality and ingenuity that makes a company grow. Please let me help you with that.

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