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Importance of recipe management​

First of all, when you are involved in restaurant management as an owner, it is important to have a scheme that does not require a specific cook. Management with a specific cook is very risky. This is because management is all about decision-making by the manager, and entrusting the method of cooking, which is the basis of restaurant management, to only a few cooks cannot guarantee the future of management. Management becomes rock solid only when the manager understands and manages all the recipes. The gamble-like trick of scouting and relying on an acquaintance's cook, which tends to happen when managers from other industries enter the restaurant business on the back of good performance in their main business, sometimes works well. But its success is only temporary. Because all successful recipes belong to the cook. Feeling successful, he hopes to become independent soon. Grab a recipe that only you know.

It often happens that the chef changes the restaurant's recipe without permission for various reasons. From my own experience, the most dangerous thing for a manager is the feeling of a chef who changes the recipe or the preparation process without permission, saying, "I can make it easier" or "This one tastes better." This is because the chef's experience and sense does not guarantee the ability and perfection of the product. The store is not a place to test the skills of the cooks you employ.

​ A business in which the chef is in control of the products provided to customers will eventually fail. Moreover, from my experience, there are many chefs who try to maintain their positions by coercive pressure, threatening the management that if they quit, they will be disadvantaged in terms of personnel and management. And they all say in unison,


“What will happen to this store if I quit?”


Not being able to take a firm stance in such a situation is fatal as a manager. In the food and beverage industry, it is not uncommon for chefs to suddenly quit. The biggest risk in restaurant management is a change in the quality of products due to the replacement of chefs.


First of all, I would like to make a promise to the owners who have joined us to follow the recipes that I have entrusted to them. The recipe I entrusted to you is the finished product that is the shortest route to success that I have actually arrived at. The ingredients and procedures in the recipe are plastic model parts and blueprints. If even one is missing or a procedure is cut short, you will have a tricycle instead of a Ferrari. A single failure leads to failure of all results.


After 10 years of Italian experience, I decided to start my own business instead of chasing my dreams.In search of a successful business format, I traveled around Asia, learned locally, and developed a variety of business formats while making all the recipes myself. As a result, the Golden Dining Group has been supported by many customers for over 20 years since its opening. During that time, many staff members have changed, but the reason why we were able to maintain and manage the group's content is none other than the recipes I developed and my attitude towards managing them.

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