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​ServiceImportance of management​

The service of the hall staff influences the comfort of the customers who visit us. Since customer service with a smile is basic, I won't touch on it here. What the customer sees is actually deeper, the basic behavior of the service. It can be the way you hold the dishes or the timing of when you speak to the customer. Managers need to be able to verbalize the many basics of that wide range and instruct staff with a visualized manual. Of course, it is also important to teach product knowledge. Staff who have learned and understood the basics will be able to relax and serve customers with their unique personality. The staff who grew up in this way dramatically raises the value of the store.


Of course, the kitchen is also a very important service, where the evaluation of the restaurant depends on the taste. Restaurant kitchens are under harsh conditions, and staff often become frustrated and impatient and make mistakes. The product may be delivered to the customer unwillingly. Please let us know to prevent such unfortunate consequences. The 100 dishes that the cook makes that day are 1 dish for each of the 100 guests that day. That's why it's important to make that one plate with all your heart. We hope that the finish of that one dish will motivate customers to visit us next time. For chefs who tend to be overwhelmed by the order in front of them, this awareness will make them aware of the service that is unique to the kitchen.

The word service in the food and beverage industry means that the manager manages the store comprehensively. First of all, please encourage cooperation between the kitchen staff and the hall staff. The kitchen says, "Let's make food that the people in the hall who are working hard to serve customers can proudly bring to the audience." The most important thing is to build a team that respects each other. And when the service takes shape, a huge profit will be returned to the management.


The basis of service is none other than the owner's love for the staff and store.

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