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Let's pull the future into the present.

I think that there are many people who are currently engaged in the restaurant business who are working hard with the goal of "I want to have my own restaurant in the future." However, most of them have no choice but to give up because they don't have the funds. This is because the capital required to start a business is often more than 10 million yen.

The restaurant site is underpaid. Annual income is generally around 350,000 to 500,000. Even if you save 50,000 every month, it will take 16 years to reach 10 million. Even 100,000 is a little over 8 years old. How much effort should I put in and how long should I keep saving?

So instead of setting independence as a future goal, why not take the first step now as an investment in your business? They have cooking skills but can't come up with a business that they can be confident in, lack confidence in producing, don't have the know-how to train staff, and don't know how to raise funds in the first place. If you are serious about wanting to become an entrepreneur, we will support you. Please choose for me!

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